A game or a puzzle?


One of the greatest games of all time is also this seemingly “normal” game.

Today we present you the game between Janowski and Saemisch played at Marienbad in 1925.

The opening is the Torre Attack: Classical Defense.

This game is a masterful attack by Janowski combined with some carelessness by Saemisch.

On move 18, Saemisch makes the mistake of recapturing the knight with the pawn instead of developing the bishop and then recapturing.

In this way, White has the bishop pair from hell x-raying Black’s king and Janowski gives the final blow with 20.Qh6!! The queen cannot be taken as it would be mate in 1 and Saemisch resigns.

Brilliant game but the question is: is this a game or a puzzle?

You can find the game below:

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