Anand’s Immortal

LEVON ARONIAN vs VISWANATHAN ANAND – Tata Steel Group A 2013 (round 4)

We continue the series of the best chess games ever with a real treat namely the match between Aronian and Anand played at the Tata Steel Tournament in 2013.

This game features the Semi-Slav Defense.

Aronian is doing well in the opening except that he underestimated Anand’s bishop pair by playing bishop 16.e2.

Anand’s Tal spirit decides to hang pieces and pin everything to set up a venomous attack, by also threatening a windmill tactic, to eventually win the game.

The game is similar to Rubinstein’s Immortal, as admitted by Anand in the post-match interview so we can call it “Anand’s Immortal”.

You can find the game below:

Here it is the interview of Anand at the end of the game:

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