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What are the best chess games EVER?

A frequent question asked by many chess fans is: can you list the best chess games ever?

In this section we will try to post all the greatest (and favourite, why not) games ever played and the best ones played recently.

We will start from 2020 with a favorite of mine, not necessarily one of the best games ever but surely one of the most exciting ones during this COVID pandemic.


This is one of the greatest matches of 2020 for sure, I mean, this game completes the Magnus Tour in the most exciting and breathtaking way.

We reach Armageddon and Nakamura has to win otherwise Magnus will be the champion.

Magnus who did not use to believe in fortress, now he draws the game by set up a beatiful cage where he can just move the pieces quickly enough to not lose on time.

This is not the best game in terms of quality but for the emotional side of it.

The game is below:

At the end of the page, you find all the chess games that we already covered and we will keep updating the sections with more games.

Stay tuned!

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