Best defense Euwe

EFIM GELLER vs MAX EUWE – Zurich Candidates, 1953

Usually, when we think about the best chess games, the choice is based on a spectacular sacrifice or exciting attack but today we make an exception.

We present you the game between Geller and Euwe played at the Zurich Candidates in 1953.

The opening is the Nimzo-Indian Defense: Saemisch variation.

In this game, Geller seems to gain the upper hand on Euwe but White’s attack is perfectly tamed by Black sacking the rook on move 22!!! The sacrifice of the rook is perfectly designed after Euwe played 11.Ke8: Geller fails to find the move to draw the game and falls in Euwe’s mating net.

We can call this game: best defense Euwe!

You can find the game below:

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