The smooth game

TIGRAN PETROSIAN vs LUDEK PACHMAN- Bled, round 6, 1961 We introduce another World Champion and one of the best Fischer’s opponents: “Iron” Tigran Petrosian. Today we present you the game between Petrosian and Pachman played at the Bled torunament in 1961. The opening is the King’s Indian Attack. This game has been praised by FischerContinue reading “The smooth game”

Chess slaughtering

RAYMOND KEENE vs ANTHONY MILES – Hastings (1975/76), round 13, 1976 Everybody Loves Raymond: we take the title of a famous sitcom to show you one of the greatest games of all time. Today we present you the game between Keene and Miles played at Hastings in 1976. The opening is the Queen’s Gambit Declined:Continue reading “Chess slaughtering”

Festival of tactics

CARSTEN HOI vs BORIS GULKO – Thessaloniki Olympiad, Thessaloniki, round 4, 1988 Carsten Hoi is not a famous chess player unlike the previous one we presented, however he has a place in the history with this masterpiece. Today we present you the game between Hoi and Gulko played at the Thessaloniki Olympiad in 1988. TheContinue reading “Festival of tactics”

The Magnus Effect

MAGNUS CARLSEN vs SIPKE ERNST – Corus Group C (2004), Wijk aan Zee, rd 12, 2004 2004 is the year when the world of chess discovered Magnus Carlsen as one of the greatest talents of all time and future World Champion. Today we present you the game between Carlsen and Ernst played at Wijk aan ZeeContinue reading “The Magnus Effect”

Sacrificing the queen casually!

MAX EUWE vs PAUL KERES – match 1939/40, rd 9, Amsterdam In the best chess games ever series we must include a game from the great champion Paul Keres, who has been runner-up at the Candidates for 4 times. Today, we present you the game between Euwe and Keres played in Amsterdam in 1940. The openingContinue reading “Sacrificing the queen casually!”

Morphy’s Immortal Game

PAUL MORPHY vs ADOLF ANDERSSEN – Paris, casual game, 1858 We must include at least one more game played by the genius Paul Morphy. Today we present you the game between Morphy and Anderssen played in France in 1858. The opening is the King’s Gambit: Accepted. Kieseritsky Gambit. This game is amazing as it showsContinue reading “Morphy’s Immortal Game”

The Immortal Sacrifice game

GREGORY SERPER vs IOANNIS NIKOLAIDIS – St. Petersburg Open, 1993 This is one of the games that everybody would like to play to have a place in the history of chess. Today we present you the game between Serper and Nikolaidis played at the St. Petersburg Open in 1993. The opening is the King’s IndianContinue reading “The Immortal Sacrifice game”

A game or a puzzle?

DAVID JANOWSKI vs FRIEDRICH SAEMISCH – Marienbad, 1925 One of the greatest games of all time is also this seemingly “normal” game. Today we present you the game between Janowski and Saemisch played at Marienbad in 1925. The opening is the Torre Attack: Classical Defense. This game is a masterful attack by Janowski combined withContinue reading “A game or a puzzle?”

Castling is important!

DRAGOLJUB VELIMIROVIC vs LJUBOMIR LJUBOJEVIC- YUG-ch, 1972 Another gem from the past is given by the so-called “Yugoslav Tal” namely Velimirovic. Today we present you the game between Velimirovic and Ljubojevic played at the YUG-ch in 1972. The opening is the Sicilian Defense: Najdorf Variation. Main Line. This game shows why castling is important inContinue reading “Castling is important!”

Prime Fischer

ROBERT JAMES FISCHER vs BORIS SPASSKY- World Championship (round 6), 1972 Today we continue the greatest games ever series with the the best game from the World Chess Championship 1972. This tournament has been the most controversial one as Fischer lost round 1 (the famous bishop trapped) and refused to play round 2 among complaintsContinue reading “Prime Fischer”