Perfect positional queen sac!

RASHID NEZHMETDINOV vs OLEG CHERNIKOV – Chigorin Team Cup, 1962 We should include at least another game from one of the greatest attacking players of all time: Nezh! We present you the game between Nezhmetdinov and Chernikov played at the Chirgorin Team Cup in 1962. The opening is the Sicilian Defense: Old Sicilian. Open. TheContinue reading “Perfect positional queen sac!”

Nakamura Style!

BORIS GELFAND vs HIKARU NAKAMURA – World Team Championship, 2010 We continue the greatest chess games series with a recent one played by two living legends. We present you the game between Gelfand and Nakamura played at the World Team Championship in 2010. The opening is the King’s Indian Defense: Orthodox Variation. Modern System. ThisContinue reading “Nakamura Style!”

Zukertort’s Immortal

JOHANNES ZUKERTORT vs JOSEPH HENRY BLACKBURNE – London, 1893 We continue the greatest chess games series with a game by another great champion, the second best player in the world in 1870’s and 1880’s: Johannes Zukertort. We present you the game between Zukertort and Blackburne played in London in 1893. The opening is the EnglishContinue reading “Zukertort’s Immortal”

Smyslov’s Immortal

MIKHAIL BOTVINNIK vs VASILY SMYSLOV – World Chess Championship, round 14, 1954 Today we show you one of the best game played by a (often) forgotten world champion: Vasily Smyslov. We present you the game between Botvinnik and Smyslov played at the World Chess Championship in 1954. The opening, as the previous game covered, isContinue reading “Smyslov’s Immortal”

Tricks for KIDs, good lord!

MIKHAIL BOTVINNIK vs MIKHAIL TAL – World Chess Championship, round 6, 1960 Today we present you one of the best game ever played by Tal in his magical run for the world championship title. We present you the game between Botvinnik and Tal played at the World Chess Championship in 1960. The opening, as theContinue reading “Tricks for KIDs, good lord!”

Best defense Euwe

EFIM GELLER vs MAX EUWE – Zurich Candidates, 1953 Usually, when we think about the best chess games, the choice is based on a spectacular sacrifice or exciting attack but today we make an exception. We present you the game between Geller and Euwe played at the Zurich Candidates in 1953. The opening is theContinue reading “Best defense Euwe”

The Evergreen Game

ADOLF ANDERSSEN vs JEAN DUFRESNE – Berlin, 1852 Going back to the old classics, we present you the Evergreen game between Anderssen and Dufresne played in Berlin in 1852. The opening is the Italian Game: Evans Gambit (Pierce defense). In this game, Anderssen uses the Evans Gambit to build his attack and gain initiative over hisContinue reading “The Evergreen Game”

The rise of Chinese chess

JINSHI BAI vs DING LIREN – Chinese Chess League, 2017 Ding Liren is one of the reason why Chinese chess’s future will be brighter in the future. This is the game between Jinshi Bai and Ding Liren from the Chinese League 2017. The opening is the Nimzo Indian Defense: Three Knights Variation. In this game, DingContinue reading “The rise of Chinese chess”

Karpov’s Immortal

ANATOLY KARPOV vs VESELIN TOPALOV – Linares, 1994 As we have already covered Kasparov’s Immortal, today we present you THE game played by his best rival in the 80’s and 90’s: Anatoly Karpov’s Immortal. This is the game between Karpov and Topalov (too many Immortals for him! 🙂 ) played at the legendary tournament Linares inContinue reading “Karpov’s Immortal”

Tal’s Immortal

MIKHAIL TAL vs BENT LARSEN – Candidates Semifinal, 1965 Here we go, we must include one game of Mikhail Tal among the best chess games ever. The Magician from Riga with his style “quantum chaos tactics galore!” as said by GM Seirawan in one of Saint Louis Chess Club’s videos. We present you the game betweenContinue reading “Tal’s Immortal”