Master of the Endgame

JOSE RAUL CAPABLANCA vs SAVIELLY TARTAKOWER – New York, 1924 Capablanca, ohhhh Capablanca, one of the greatest chess players ever and we cannot leave him out from the best chess games ever series. We present you the game between Capablanca and Tartakower from 1924. The opening played is the Horwitz defense. In this game, Capablanca showsContinue reading “Master of the Endgame”

The Battle of Hastings

WILHELM STEINITZ vs CURT VON BARDELEBEN – Hastings, 1895 Another classic game in the best chess games ever series, today we present you the game between Steinitz and Von Bardeleben from 1895, called also “The Battle of Hastings”. The opening played is the Italian Game via the Greco gambit variation. In this game, Steinitz gave theContinue reading “The Battle of Hastings”

Queen sac? No problem, I need only 1 pawn

EFIM BOGOLJUBOV vs ALEXANDER ALEKHINE – Hastings, 1922 Going back in time, we cannot rule out Alekhine from the best chess games ever series. Today we present you the game between Bogoljubov and Alekhine from 1922. Irving Chernev, chess player and writer, called this game the greatest game of chess ever played. He said: “There areContinue reading “Queen sac? No problem, I need only 1 pawn”

The Opera Game

PAUL MORPHY vs DUKE OF BRUNSWICK /COUNT ISOUARD – Paris, 1958 The most famous chess game of all time is between Paul Morphy and two strong amateurs Duke Karl and Count Isoard, also called “The Opera Game”. This game features the Philidor Defense. In this match, an opening gone wrong and all the resulting mistakesContinue reading “The Opera Game”

The Brisbane Bombshell

ANATOLY KARPOV vs GARRY KASPAROV – World Championship Match (Round 16), 1985 Karpov at his prime was a beast, especially with the white pieces and the matches against Kasparov for the World Championship cycle (1984-1990) were no exception. The greatest match played by the two GOATs is round 16 played at Moscow in 1985 whereContinue reading “The Brisbane Bombshell”

The Gold Coin Game

STEFAN LEVITSKY vs FRANK JAMES MARSHALL – 18th DSB Kongress, 1912 This is another classic that every chess fan should know by heart. We talk about the match between Levitsky and Marshall played at Breslau in 1912. This game features the Sicilian Defense, Marshall Gambit (exactly). The game is also known as “The Gold CoinContinue reading “The Gold Coin Game”

Rubinstein’s Immortal

GEORG ROTLEWI vs AKIBA RUBINSTEIN – Lodz, 1907 This is a classic that every chess fan should know by heart. We talk about the match between Rotlewi and Rubinstein played at Lodz in 1907 . This is considered the Rubinstein’s Immortal, and for some “sacrificing” reason. This game features the Tarrasch Defense, Simmetrical Variation. RubinsteinContinue reading “Rubinstein’s Immortal”

Nezhmetdinov’s Immortal

LEV POLUGAEVSKY vs RASHID NEZHMETDINOV – Sochi Tournament 1958 There is one chess player that never reached the top players in terms of victories but he is considered one of the greatest (attacking) players ever: his name is Nezhmetdinov. Today, we cover the match between Polugaesvky and Nezhmetdinov played at a tournament in Sochi inContinue reading “Nezhmetdinov’s Immortal”

How to destroy the kingside

VASSILY IVANCHUK vs ARTUR YUSUPOV – Candidates Match 1991 (rapid) In chess you want to attack on both sides of the board but one of the best chess games proves the contrary: this is the match between Ivanchuk and Yusupov played at the Candidates Match in 1991. This game features the King’s Indian Defense. OnceContinue reading “How to destroy the kingside”

Anand’s Immortal

LEVON ARONIAN vs VISWANATHAN ANAND – Tata Steel Group A 2013 (round 4) We continue the series of the best chess games ever with a real treat namely the match between Aronian and Anand played at the Tata Steel Tournament in 2013. This game features the Semi-Slav Defense. Aronian is doing well in the opening exceptContinue reading “Anand’s Immortal”