The GOAT chess move?

VLADIMIR KRAMNIK vs PETER LEKO – World Chess Championship 2004 (round 8) If you have ever thought to play a move in chess to win a game, you should know the match between Kramnik and Leko played at the World Chess Championship in 2004. This game features the Marshall attack of the Ruy Lopez. At theContinue reading “The GOAT chess move?”

Kasparov’s Immortal!

GARRY KASPAROV vs VESELIN TOPALOV – Wijk aan Zee 1999  One of the best chess games ever played is the match between Kasparov and Topalov played at the 61st Annual Hoogovens Chess Tournament in 1999. This game features the Pirc defense but the games followed an unexpected path. Kasparov sacrificed a rook to gain the advantageContinue reading “Kasparov’s Immortal!”

Anand laughs at the Scandinavian too!

VISWANATHAN ANAND vs JOEL LAUTIER – Biel Credit Suisse (1997) An iconic game is the match between Anand and Lautier played at the Biel Credit Suisse in 1997. This game features the Scandinavian opening with the famous bishop g6 and a queen sacrifice “not accepted” that would have led to checkmate! Anand laughs at theContinue reading “Anand laughs at the Scandinavian too!”

The “Windmill” Game of the Century!

DONALD BYRNE vs ROBERT J. FISCHER – Third Rosenwald Trophy (1956) This famous game between Donald Byrne and Bobby Fischer is also called the “game of the century”. This game features a queen sacrifice and a wonderful “windmill” tactic by Fischer to lead the game over Byrne up to the final checkmate. You can findContinue reading “The “Windmill” Game of the Century!”

What a King March!

NIGEL SHORT vs JAN TIMMAN – 15th Tilburg Interpolis (1991) To start with the best games from the past, here I begin with the match between Nigel Short and Jan Timman from 1991. This game features a wonderful king march by Short to bring his king to G4 and threathen checkmate. Very good game where Short bringsContinue reading “What a King March!”