Puzzle Storm

Solving puzzles under time pressure I tried the new Puzzle Storm from Lichess. This is the equivalent of Puzzle Rush from chess.com and it is a good feature to improve tactics under time pressure. The goal is simple: you have to solve as many puzzles as possible in 3 minutes. You can gain additional timeContinue reading “Puzzle Storm”

How to learn chess, easy!

How to learn chess? You are passionate about this game and you want to increase your knowledge. How to learn chess for free! You don’t need to invest money to learn chess because there are A LOT of free sources out there to reach a good level, I would say around 2000-2100 ELO. You canContinue reading “How to learn chess, easy!”

How to play chess, easy!

I started to play chess in April 2018. It happened by accident. I needed a game namely something new for my mind so I searched for some games on the internet. I knew there was a “certain” Magnus Carlsen that was gonna defend the World Championship title vs Fabiano Caruana on the following November.  FromContinue reading “How to play chess, easy!”