Chess analysis #3: First encounter with engines!

Chess game analysis vs Stockfish Level 6

I started to play competitive games from July 2018 when I joined, one of the most popular chess websites with a nice graphic and customer base.

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At first, I was a disaster by blundering everything I could as I had not developed tactics in my repertoire.

But still, this was the start of an exciting journey and I became addicted to chess.

I played a relevant chess game against Stockfish Level 6 (1900) on July 7th considering that my level was 800-900 ELO around that time.

See below the opening choice: French Defense, Winaver Variation


Running the engine analysis, the number of mistakes and blunders is not so bad at that time because I must have played less than 30 games.

This is the situation at move 39, pretty equal!

But then, the decisive blunder..

King to D5 and this blunder a pawn and the game.. a strange decision but when you have no experience this happens!

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