Chess puzzles & Endgames

Solve chess puzzles and train your endgame

The best way to improve the quality of your chess and win more games is to train your tactical skills and practice endgames.

chess puzzles endgame training

Start by solving the puzzle of the day from Lichess (click below):

Then, go on solving the puzzles from and comment below with your longest consecutive streak:

Now, don’t forget the most differentiating factor in chess between you and the other chess players: the endgame. Endgames constitute a crucial part of a chess game that is often not considered by new players. In this part of the game you can’t move by intuition, you have to memorize certain patterns such as the “triangulation” or the “opposition” (click here for more information) .

You can train your endgames here (press “new game” if the sistem does not show it):

There are free platforms where you can sign up, play for free, solve puzzles, check studies and join a community such as:

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Solve chess puzzles and train your endgame free chess puzzles

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