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....that guy above, yes!

My name is Dario Mantegazza, I am a 31 year old Italian guy who enjoys playing chess.

I live in a town outside the world, on another planet but at least I can connect to the Internet.

We created this website to share chess content: chess videos, game analysis, puzzles, classic games and more! What’s the deal?

One day this website will be perfectly designed for an interactive, fun and educational experience. Sounds cool? WE hope so!

Youtube channel “” where we post chess videos on my games and fun content on what happens in the chess world.

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Twitter account “Chessgratis” where we share posts and build the chess community:

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You can play Dario on Lichess (feel free to send me challenges): MANTEDARIO89

free chess online chessgratis

Follow our chess streaming on Twitch: Chessprogress89

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Please follow me on these channels and stay tuned for more content!

What you wanna do now?

  • Play chess online
  • Solve chess puzzles and train your endgame free chess puzzles
  • Study my collection of the best chess games ever best chess games ever
  • How to learn chess free chess game analysis
  • Watch chess videos on my Youtube channel youtube chess videos


Dario Mantegazza


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