Festival of tactics

CARSTEN HOI vs BORIS GULKO – Thessaloniki Olympiad, Thessaloniki, round 4, 1988

Carsten Hoi is not a famous chess player unlike the previous one we presented, however he has a place in the history with this masterpiece.

Today we present you the game between Hoi and Gulko played at the Thessaloniki Olympiad in 1988.

The opening is the Horwitz Defense.

The game is a festival of tactics with White destroying Black’s kingside as of move 24.

First, Hoi sacrifices the exchange of his rook for the bishop and then a full bishop to completely prevent any escape by Black king. Hoi’s pieces are perfectly coordinated to give the final blow to Gulko. The latter is forced to resign after the final sequence of moves with a brilliant queen sac by Hoi to set up a mate in 1.

You can find the game below:

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