How to learn chess, easy!

How to learn chess? You are passionate about this game and you want to increase your knowledge.

how to learn chess

How to learn chess for free!

You don’t need to invest money to learn chess because there are A LOT of free sources out there to reach a good level, I would say around 2000-2100 ELO.

You can start by watching chess videos from the Saint Louis Chess Club where various GMs can explain chess in a simple and enjoyable way. You can find videos on different topics: openings, middlegame strategies, endgames, mating patterns, etc.. At a first glance, you can find these videos boring but actually if you have started to play the game and you want improve, you become really interested in learning all the different aspects of the game.

The first step you should take to improve your chess is to search for a “beginner” video and understand all the tactics such as fork, pin, check, etc.. , the different types of checkmates (Anastasia, Smothered, Morphy, etc..) and how the game is divided into opening, middlegame and endgame.

Once you understood these first topics, you should spend time on understanding the endgame as this is the most important part of a chess game. Once you saw one of the videos on endgame, you can go the section of this website dedicated to endgames and practice there (click here).

You can also follow Agadmator’s channel on Youtube where you can find all the most important chess games analyzed in a simple and enjoyable way. In each video, Antonio Radic (the real name of the owner of the channel) shows the entire game and highlights different lines of the strongest (or weakest) moves played. During each video there are also moments in which the viewer is asked to pause the video and find the best move.

In addition, the channel covers the matches played by the great champions like Fischer, Morphy, Capablanca so you can truly understand different chess styles and how the chess was played in the past decades.

Then, you can also watch the tournaments live and a good streaming platform for this event is Chess24. They stream the tournaments where GMs play and provide high-level commentary with strong GMs like Peter Leko and Peter Svidler. In the beginning, you may find quite hard to follow the commentary but once you understand the basics of the game you can learn a lot, such as why a certain move of the game was played in that moment. This is possible because Grandmasters have the ability to look at chess positions and talk about them in detail. You can find all the tournaments here.

From my part, I will be posting on this website some of my best chess games and provide analysis with the engine: I am not a master but you can understand how the game is played and how I made certain mistakes or blunders 🙂 thanks to the engine analysis.

We have a channel called “” where you can find videos of my games, interviews of the great champions (Carlsen, Kasparov, Karpov, etc..) and everything related to chess that is cool to watch!

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free chess youtube channel

Eventually, you can have a look at the greatest games that we have been collected on this website: these are our favourite games and maybe you cannot find everything you would like, however, our goal is to build a complete database with all the best games (click here to go to the section )

What you wanna do now?

Play chess online

Solve chess puzzles and train your endgame free chess puzzles

Follow my live chess streaming on Twitch free chess streaming

Study my collection of the best chess games ever best chess games ever

How to learn chess free chess game analysis

Watch chess videos on my Youtube channel youtube chess videos

Below you can find my analysis and our collection of the best chess games!

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