How to play chess, easy!

I started to play chess in April 2018. It happened by accident. I needed a game namely something new for my mind so I searched for some games on the internet. I knew there was a “certain” Magnus Carlsen that was gonna defend the World Championship title vs Fabiano Caruana on the following November.  From 2018, I have been spending most of my free time on chess, trying to become a better player and increase my knowledge.

how to play chess

How to play chess

The first chess website where I played games was therefore starting from level 1 I climbed the rating ladder up to level 4 to get an overall view of the game of chess. As a result, I became very passionate after 2 weeks and started to get interested in how to play chess at greater level, increasing my knowledge about the history of this game and how to be a better player.

how to play chess

Chess seems a boring game but once you start to play, you become very passionate because there are millions of ways to win (or lose) a game.  I did become passionate about it.

Afterwards, I started to watch videos on Youtube like the ones for beginners published by Saint Louis Chess Club and I have become very passionate about this game.

As of July 2018, I have been playing on Lichess as I appreciate the user graphic and very enjoyable experience in competing with other people.

how to play chess lichess

You can play in any time format you want, from hyperbullet to classical formats and you can find people of your level immediately.

There are also two cool training sections:

  1. One called “puzzles” where you can indeed solve puzzles of different levels and climb the rating ladder.
  2. Another section called “chess basics” where you can train on the fundamentals and pieces.

Check it out: – Play Chess Online – Free Games • Free Online Chess

What you wanna do now?

Play chess online

Solve chess puzzles and train your endgame free chess puzzles

Follow my live chess streaming on Twitch free chess streaming

Study my collection of the best chess games ever best chess games ever

How to learn chess free chess game analysis

Watch chess videos on my Youtube channel youtube chess videos


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