Morphy’s Immortal Game

PAUL MORPHY vs ADOLF ANDERSSEN – Paris, casual game, 1858

We must include at least one more game played by the genius Paul Morphy.

Today we present you the game between Morphy and Anderssen played in France in 1858.

The opening is the King’s Gambit: Accepted. Kieseritsky Gambit.

This game is amazing as it shows Morphy’s positional understanding.

Anderssen allows Morphy of keeping the queen versus knight, bishop and rook, normally not preferable as three pieces are better than the queen. The fact that the board is open, Anderssen’s pieces are helpless against Morphy’s queen who is able to dominate the game and make him resign in a few moves.

This is considered Morphy’s Immortal game!

You can find the game below:

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