Nakamura Style!

BORIS GELFAND vs HIKARU NAKAMURA – World Team Championship, 2010

We continue the greatest chess games series with a recent one played by two living legends.

We present you the game between Gelfand and Nakamura played at the World Team Championship in 2010.

The opening is the King’s Indian Defense: Orthodox Variation. Modern System.

This game is a clash between two ideas in the KID: one is to attack on the queen side for white and the other one is to attack on the king side for black.

Nakamura squeezes Gelfand on the kingside by sacrificing the knight on g2! On move 24 white takes the pawn on c7, instead of taking the knight with the king (Gelfand does not accept the sacrifice and to expose the king to the rook on the g-file) and now it is over.

Black orchestrates a great attack with knights, rook and bishop by threatening all types of mates. Nakamura even offers his queen that cannot be taken without checkmate, black’s king is stuck in the corner. Gelfand resigns as Nakamura has now two dangerous passed pawn..on the queen side.

This is Nakamura Style!

You can find the game below:

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