Perfect positional queen sac!


We should include at least another game from one of the greatest attacking players of all time: Nezh!

We present you the game between Nezhmetdinov and Chernikov played at the Chirgorin Team Cup in 1962.

The opening is the Sicilian Defense: Old Sicilian. Open.

The game unfolds quite naturally, then on move 12 Nezhmetdinov sacrifices the queen for a positional advantage as Chernikov’s pieces are not coordinated with his two rooks and the bishop stuck on the the 8th rank. The game is still equal according to the engine!

White continues to develop and coordinate the pieces with the bishop pair fully operational on the 3rd rank. This setup allows Nezh for a brilliant tactic: knight takes f6 on move 21, bluffing a poisoned discovery: the game is still perfectly equal despite this tactic. However Black goes for the fork of two rooks, felling in White’s attacking trap and Nezh is winning. White shifts the rook to the h-file, adding another element to the attack, as with the bishop pair slicing the diagonal and a dangerous knight can threaten all types of tactics.

Chernikov resigns after entering a losing endgame R+4p vs B+K+5p: excellent positional queen sac by Nezhmetdinov!

You can find the game below:

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