Queen sac? No problem, I need only 1 pawn


Going back in time, we cannot rule out Alekhine from the best chess games ever series.

Today we present you the game between Bogoljubov and Alekhine from 1922.

Irving Chernev, chess player and writer, called this game the greatest game of chess ever played.

He said:

“There are fascinating combinations and brilliant sacrifices of Queens and Rooks. There are two remarkable promotions of Pawns and a third in the offing, before White decides to capitulate.”

(The Chess Companion, Chernev, Faber & Faber Ltd, 1970)

This game features the Dutch Defense.

Every time there is a queen sac in a game, we know that something magical happens in the next moves as Alekhine shows how to set up a winning endgame in great style.

You can find the game below:

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