The Magnus Effect

MAGNUS CARLSEN vs SIPKE ERNST – Corus Group C (2004), Wijk aan Zee, rd 12, 2004 2004 is the year when the world of chess discovered Magnus Carlsen as one of the greatest talents of all time and future World Champion. Today we present you the game between Carlsen and Ernst played at Wijk aan ZeeContinue reading “The Magnus Effect”

Supreme positional understanding!

ALIREZA FIROUZJA vs MAGNUS CARLSEN – TATA STEEL 2020 This is the classical chess game between Carlsen and Firouzja at the Tata Steel tournament 2020 where the World Champion shows all his class to suffocate Firouzja’s initiative and make him resign. This game shows Carlsen’s superior positional understanding to beat the young Firouzja and putContinue reading “Supreme positional understanding!”