Chess slaughtering

RAYMOND KEENE vs ANTHONY MILES – Hastings (1975/76), round 13, 1976 Everybody Loves Raymond: we take the title of a famous sitcom to show you one of the greatest games of all time. Today we present you the game between Keene and Miles played at Hastings in 1976. The opening is the Queen’s Gambit Declined:Continue reading “Chess slaughtering”

Festival of tactics

CARSTEN HOI vs BORIS GULKO – Thessaloniki Olympiad, Thessaloniki, round 4, 1988 Carsten Hoi is not a famous chess player unlike the previous one we presented, however he has a place in the history with this masterpiece. Today we present you the game between Hoi and Gulko played at the Thessaloniki Olympiad in 1988. TheContinue reading “Festival of tactics”