Chess analysis #6: checkmate by promoting to a knight!

Bullet 1+0 Not really an analysis but a funny video where I could checkmate my opponent by promoting the pawn to a knight! Very good stuff! Check the video with a short chess analysis of the game! What you wanna do now? Play chess online Solve chess puzzles and train your endgame Follow my liveContinue reading “Chess analysis #6: checkmate by promoting to a knight!”

Chess analysis #5: keep calm and bishop pair!

Blitz game 3+2 Back to blitz chess with a good game where I could play a rapid-like game: not rushing for the tactical shot, chilling, keeping the bishop pair and going to dominate the game! Today I will show you a good Blitz game where I waited patiently to unleash the bishop pair by gainingContinue reading “Chess analysis #5: keep calm and bishop pair!”

Chess analysis #4: INSANE attacking festival!

Blitz game 3+2 I am playing blitz games in these days and I find them a lot harder than rapid ones where I enjoy longer thinking and positional motives. However, blitz games are important to be a better player because you are forced to play good moves under time pressure. Today I will show youContinue reading “Chess analysis #4: INSANE attacking festival!”