Chess analysis #4: INSANE attacking festival!

Blitz game 3+2 I am playing blitz games in these days and I find them a lot harder than rapid ones where I enjoy longer thinking and positional motives. However, blitz games are important to be a better player because you are forced to play good moves under time pressure. Today I will show youContinue reading “Chess analysis #4: INSANE attacking festival!”

How to become GM with style!

IM HANS NIEMANN vs GM SEBASTIEN MAZE -Sunway Sitges 2020 (round 9) This is the game that allowed IM Hans Niemann to get the final GM norm and become a Grandmaster. In this game Niemann managed to block any initiative from the opponent and make GM Maze resign the game! This is the way how toContinue reading “How to become GM with style!”

Chess analysis #2: Gaining tempo!

Rapid game 10 minutes In this second video, I showed a chess game played by me with the white pieces. The main theme of this game is gaining tempo against the opponent! This is the video with my chess analysis: What you wanna do now? Play chess online Solve chess puzzles and train your endgameContinue reading “Chess analysis #2: Gaining tempo!”