A game or a puzzle?

DAVID JANOWSKI vs FRIEDRICH SAEMISCH – Marienbad, 1925 One of the greatest games of all time is also this seemingly “normal” game. Today we present you the game between Janowski and Saemisch played at Marienbad in 1925. The opening is the Torre Attack: Classical Defense. This game is a masterful attack by Janowski combined withContinue reading “A game or a puzzle?”

The Immortal Zugzwang

FRIEDRICH SAEMISCH vs ARON NIMZOWITSCH – Copenaghen, 1923 Today we continue the greatest games ever series with a game played by another legend of chess: Aron Nimzowitsch. We present you the game between Saemisch and Nimzowitsch played in Copenaghen in 1923. The opening is the Queen’s Indian Defense: Classical. Traditional Variation Nimzowitsch Line. This gameContinue reading “The Immortal Zugzwang”