Chess analysis #8: punishing mistakes like an engine!

Rapid 10+5 In this rapid game 10+5 I played one of my greatest games by punishing mistakes of my opponents with engine-like precision. In this game I did not make any mistake, any blunder with only 1 innacuracy! This is the PNG of the game: Check the video with the live stream and the chessContinue reading “Chess analysis #8: punishing mistakes like an engine!”

Chess analysis #4: INSANE attacking festival!

Blitz game 3+2 I am playing blitz games in these days and I find them a lot harder than rapid ones where I enjoy longer thinking and positional motives. However, blitz games are important to be a better player because you are forced to play good moves under time pressure. Today I will show youContinue reading “Chess analysis #4: INSANE attacking festival!”

Chess analysis #1: Bizarre bishops

Rapid Game 10 minutes This is the first video uploaded on youtube about one of the best chess games I played. I played this game with the white pieces and the ending is spectacular with my bishops on A1 and H1! Here the game: I play with the white pieces! Today chess analysis and recapContinue reading “Chess analysis #1: Bizarre bishops”