Going for the mate!

OSSIP BERNSTEIN vs JOSE’ RAUL CAPABLANCA- Moscow, round 1, 1914 Capablanca’s favorite game is this one where he plays a perfect game from start to finish. Today we present you the game between Bernstein and Capablanca played in Moscow in 1914. The opening is the Queen’s Gambit Declined: Orthodox Defense. The game seems to beContinue reading “Going for the mate!”

Master of the Endgame

JOSE RAUL CAPABLANCA vs SAVIELLY TARTAKOWER – New York, 1924 Capablanca, ohhhh Capablanca, one of the greatest chess players ever and we cannot leave him out from the best chess games ever series. We present you the game between Capablanca and Tartakower from 1924. The opening played is the Horwitz defense. In this game, Capablanca showsContinue reading “Master of the Endgame”