The Brisbane Bombshell

ANATOLY KARPOV vs GARRY KASPAROV – World Championship Match (Round 16), 1985

karpov kasparov world championship The Brisbane Bombshell

Karpov at his prime was a beast, especially with the white pieces and the matches against Kasparov for the World Championship cycle (1984-1990) were no exception.

The greatest match played by the two GOATs is round 16 played at Moscow in 1985 where Karpov has white pieces against Kasparov.

This game features the Sicilian Defense, Paulsen Variation.

In this match, Kasparov combined positional understanding and tactical prowess to stifle Karpov’s position. Impressive display that shows why today Kasparov is the GOAT (in the future Carlsen could reach this title).

This game “The Brisbane Bombshell” also defined the slight edge of Kasparov over Karpov in the next World Championships.

You can find the game below:

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