The Immortal Sacrifice game


This is one of the games that everybody would like to play to have a place in the history of chess.

Today we present you the game between Serper and Nikolaidis played at the St. Petersburg Open in 1993.

The opening is the King’s Indian Defense: Kramer Variation.

This game is an attacking masterpiece by Serper.

Nikolaidis starts well but his worst move is the passive “anti-castling”15.Nf8?? and from here a fantastic attack is executed by Serper.

The first sacrifice is 17.Nd5 to offer a full knight to open the position with Black’s king is still in the centre of the board (remember that castling is important!). Then, Serper opens the a-file by sacrificing the bishop and for Black there is no defense anymore. Serper is also able to sacrifice the other bishop on move 26, a knight on move 28 and the rook on move 30 as the position is totally winning. With the pawns rolling up to promotion, Serper is eventually able to sacrifice the queen on move 41 to reach the total of 6 sacrifices in this beautiful game!

This is easily the Immortal Sacrifice game!

You can find the game below:

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