The Immortal Zugzwang


Today we continue the greatest games ever series with a game played by another legend of chess: Aron Nimzowitsch.

We present you the game between Saemisch and Nimzowitsch played in Copenaghen in 1923.

The opening is the Queen’s Indian Defense: Classical. Traditional Variation Nimzowitsch Line.

This game shows how great Nimzowitsch is at exploiting the lack of initiative from his opponent and dominating the game right after the opening. Saemisch has no clear plan in the middlegame: Nimzowitsch sacrifices a knight on move 20 for two pawns and a strong positional advantage. White’s queen is now on the wing and dominated by Black’s pieces.

Nimzotwsich reaches the immortal zugzwang by playing 25.h6!! and White has NO moves left and resigns!

You can find the game below:

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