Tricks for KIDs, good lord!

MIKHAIL BOTVINNIK vs MIKHAIL TAL – World Chess Championship, round 6, 1960

botvinnik tal game 6 1960 tricks for kids

Today we present you one of the best game ever played by Tal in his magical run for the world championship title.

We present you the game between Botvinnik and Tal played at the World Chess Championship in 1960.

The opening, as the title suggested, is the King’s Indian Defense: Fianchetto Variation. Classical Main Line .

In this game, Tal gains the initiative and sacrifices the knight on move 21: Botvinnik is actually winning. However, through the sacrifice Tal opens the position up on the kingside and activates the bishop pair: Tal doubles the rock and tricks Botvinnik by playing 24.f3!

After this move, Botvinnik should take the pawn on f3, instead he takes Tal’s queen immediately. Having now the passed pawn on f3, Tal is able to confine all black’s pieces in defending the king and make white’s position really passive.

These are really tricks for KIDS and Botvinnik is now lost!

You can find the game below:

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